Right Hand Drive (RHD) Jeep Wranglers For Sale for Sale in Bethany, MO

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Pettijohn Auto Center is your RHD Jeep Wrangler Headquarters

We’ve always stocked a handful of RHD Jeeps for sale to our local customers. We have several rural mail carriers who like to upgrade every few years and we want to make sure we have them in stock so they can buy when they need them. Now, the last few years have put a wrench in those upgrade plans as Jeep stopped making the RHD version of the Wrangler for a few years. Now, as of 2021 they’re back to producing a small number of the RHD Jeep to meet the high demand for rural mail carriers and others.

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Is a RHD Jeep Right for You?

If you’re a rural mail carrier you’ll love the new RHD Jeep.

Early feedback from our customers has been tremendous, more power, “better MPG and better ride than their old model.”

These numbers aren’t verified by Jeep yet, but one rural mail carrier  who recently purchased the new RHD Jeep said it used to take him about 12 gallons of fuel to get through his daily route, now it only takes him around 8 gallons.  Do that math and that and you’ll see a real quick return on your investment.

How to Order Your Next RHD Jeep

We have several New RHD Jeeps currently going through production that will arrive soon, but if you’re looking for something specific, ordering a new one is the way to go.

Let us know you’re interested and our order specialist will work with you to build the perfect Right Hand Drive Jeep for you.  Our tools let us build out the entire vehicle to give you a clear idea of the options available and estimates on pricing before we even submit the order.

To get started message us here on the website or call 660-425-2244 to speak with a specialist and let them know that you’re interested in ordering a RHD Jeep.