Real Deal Guarantee

Let’s face it.Real Deal Guarantee

The car industry doesn’t have a stellar reputation.

When you hear the phrase “used car dealer” chances are you instantly think of a sleazy salesperson in a checkered suit rolling back the odometer on an ’78 Mercury Cougar.  At least that’s what I think of!

In reality, the difference between an honest dealership and a dishonest one isn’t that obvious.

Every dealership does their best to look good in advertising and online.

You can spend hours researching dealership and vehicles trying to find the best deal and the best place to buy, but the sad truth is, what you find online or on newspaper ads, tv ads, or on the radio isn’t always true.

In fact, most of the “great deals” your hear are just plain lies…

There’s almost always a “catch”

“Get 15,000 of MSRP… if you trade a 2008 or newer vehicle, finance with us, yada yada yada…”

Sometimes it’s in the fine print, sometimes it’s not.

Either way, you end up with the short end of the stick.

What seems to be an amazing deal on the surface turns out to be mediocre at best, and a just plain ripoff at the worst.

The sad truth is, for most dealerships the name of the game is Getting You In The Door…

Once you’re there it’s hard to walk away, and unless you’re a professional negotiator there’s a good chance you’ll end up paying for add-ons, dealer fees, doc fees, restocking fees, or getting less than you deserve for your trade in.

Buying a car is complex process at most places.  There are so many tricks and gimmicks dealers use to make their online price look as low as possible all while keeping their actual price as high as possible.

The good news is there’s a simple trick you can use to keep even the most crooked dealership or salesperson honest…

Here it is…

Tell them you’re coming to buy the car and you’re leaving your checkbook at home and ask…

How Much Should I Write The Check For?

Ask the question no matter how you plan on paying for the car, even if you’re financing, and even if you can’t actually right the check.

Here’s why…

This simple question will force them to either

1) they’ll try to dodge the question – at which point you know they’re up to something


2) they’ll be forced to give a real price

You can use this method to “truth-check” any dealership and quickly find out who’s real and who’s not.

But beware, some people will try their best to sidestep the question.

You can go through all this…

Or you can come to Pettijohn Auto Center where the price quote you get is a real price, no gimmicks, no games, and you’ll get a great deal even if you’re not a master negotiator.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Absolutely No Hidden Fees of any kind
  • Get a great deal without playing all the games on any vehicle in stock
  • We’ll give you a REAL price you can write a check for, no surprises when you go to sign paperwork
  • Honest, hardworking people just like you.  Nobody cares more!
  • Hands-down the best value in Northwest Missouri & beyond

Call us today at 660-425-2244 for a Real, true price quote on any vehicle on our lot.  No strings attached.

It’s our goal to build a long-term relationship with each and every one of our customers so you’ll come back for years to come, that’s why we’ll do our best to treat you like we’d like to be treated and be up-front and honest in everything we do.