3 Critical Car-Buying Questions You Won’t Find The Answers To Online

January 9th, 2019 by

You’re about to learn the 3 car buying questions people rarely ask, but should.

If you want to get a great deal on a used car, these questions will help you unlock the truth about the cars you’re looking at so you can make the right choice on your next purchase.

You can do all the online research you want and still not find the answers to these 3 questions.

To know for sure you need to see the car in person or find dealer that will give you the answers straight away.

Write these questions down and use them the next time you’re in the market.

Has It Been Through Reconditioning?

In the state of Missouri, every vehicle must pass state inspection.

Even so, the difference between the way one dealer reconditions vehicles vs. other dealers can be huge.

Some dealers hose it off, vacuum it and put in on the lot.

Other dealers spend the time and money to check and double check the cars before they’re front-lot ready.

The difference between the two can be anywhere from $500 to over $2,000 in repairs that you’ll be responsible for if the dealer hasn’t already fixed them.

That’s why every single car on our front lot is inspected, fully-detailed, and serviced.

When you see two similar cars online it’s impossible to fully understand the condition of the vehicle.

That’s why it’s critical to test drive and inspect any car you plan on buying.

Do this and you’ll avoid being hit with a hefty repair bill your first week owning the new car.

Is The Car A “Lemon-Law Buyback?”

In general, a “Lemon” is a car that was bought back from the customer because of an inherent defect or recurring problem with the vehicle.

The laws governing buybacks can vary dramatically state by state.

A customer with a complaint in a state like California may have a totally different experience trying to get her vehicle bought back then the same customer who purchased in the state of Missouri.

Why should you care?

Lemon-law buybacks are typically less valuable than similar vehicles with the same mileage.

However some buybacks can go a lifetime without ever having trouble, others can surface immediately after you buy.

The important things are that you know what you’re buying.

If you find out a car your buying is a manufacturer or “lemon-law” buyback dig deeper to find out what the original problem was.

Also keep in mind that most, not all, vehicles bought back will have a warning on the vehicle history report.

In fact, in some states, the only time the buyback must be disclosed is when you go to sign papers.

If you want to know for sure if a vehicle has been bought back find the VIN number of the vehicle you’re interested in and call or email us through this link.

Has It Been In Any Accidents?

Any good vehicle history report will show if a vehicle has been in an accident.

We provide a FREE CarFax report with every used vehicle.

And while the vehicle history report will tell you if it’s been in an accident, the degree of damage can vary dramatically.

We’ve seen cases where small fender benders get described in the same way as major accidents.

The best way to know for sure is to see the vehicle in person.

For a FREE CarFax report on any vehicle on our lot click here.

How To Get Fast Answers To These Car Buying Questions And More

When you shop for a vehicle at Pettijohn Auto Center’s you’ll get the answers to all these questions and more.

Every vehicle for sale on our lot goes through a full inspection, reconditioning, and cleaning process.

Only a small percentage of the cars we appraise ever make it to the front lot.

If you’re looking for a nicer, higher-quality car at a fair price, we’re here to help.