I’ve been in a car accident, Now What?

January 25th, 2021 by

Being in an accident is scary no matter who you are, and in that moment you may not know what to do and that is okay we can help you! This is what our Pettijohn Auto Collision Center team suggests to do when you get in an accident! 

Most importantly take a deep breath, I know it is hard but this will help immensely! Make sure you are okay, let your parents or loved ones know what has happened and let them know that you are okay

First, you need to call your local law enforcement or emergency services if you are injured in any way.

Calling law enforcement helps ensure that if it is a collision with another driver you exchange the right information and to create an accident report. If you hit an animal to make sure you are safe from getting hit by another driver or for comfort in general.

Second, you need to contact your insurance provider to start the claim process. If you are unsure of how to make a claim that is okay, we have you covered!

First you need to call your agent, whether you are at fault or not.

Follow the directions your agent gives you! Be prepared to provide all documentation related to the accident and file your claim, you may need a police report. 

Make sure to write down your claim numbers and any information they give you, This will make your whole experience much smoother.

Keep copies of all your documentation and bills related to the accident.

Find out from your agent:

Time limitations for filing your claims and submitting bills.

Time limitations for resolving claim disputes.

When you can expect the insurance company to contact you.

Whether you need estimates for the damages.

Whether your policy covers a rental car while your car is being repaired and how much it covers. 

Lastly, contact your chosen repair facility in order to schedule your estimate and repairs. If your vehicle is not drivable check with your repair facility to see if they can tow or coordinate towing for your vehicle, or call your preferred towing company. 

Accidents are scary but now you are prepared! If you are ever in an accident the Pettijohn Collision Center is more than happy to help you through this entire process, we understand that it is scary and we want to help you all the way through until we can get you back on the road safe and sound! You can reach our Collision Center at 660-425-2244 or visit our Website  pettijohnauto.com/body-shop/.

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